Can I host more than one site on an account?

No. Each MagicEdit account is designed to be used with a single website. On paid accounts you can use multiple site aliases (multiple domains or subdomains) that point to the same website.

For additional websites, please sign up a new account with a unique login. You can use the same email address, though.

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How do I log into my site?

Logging in to your MagicEdit site is simple. Just fire up your favorite web browser and type your domain name followed by "/admin" (without the quotes). So, if your website is "www.example.com", you would type "www.example.com/admin" and enter your user name and password. Once you are logged in, you will see MagicEdit buttons corresponding to the editable content regions Read more

How do I revert back to the original text in the HTML?

If you are editing the text in a MagicEdit region and want to revert back to the original text (i.e., the text that was there when your site went live), simply delete all of the content of the region. MagicEdit will then allow the original text to be shown.

NOTE: To delete ALL of the content you must use the "Source" view in the rich text editor. Just click on the "Source" button and remove everything you see, including all of the text and HTML tags, in the text area.

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How do I set up FTP/upload files?

For instructions on setting up FTP with Windows, Mac OSX/Linux, or Adobe Dreamweaver, see How do I upload my files? in the documentation section.

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I changed some text in one MagicEdit region, but it changed in other places too. Why?

This behavior is by design, and allows you to define multiple identical blocks of text that will be edited all at once.

There are two ways to prevent this behavior:

  1. Give each region a unique name. For example, use <magicedit me_name="Region1"> for the first, and <magicedit me_name="Region2"> for the second.
  2. Make sure the text inside the <magicedit> blocks is unique. For example, use real copy instead of "lorem ipsum" placeholder text, or at least make sure it's different placeholder text for each region.
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Do I Need a Separate Hosting Company?

MagicEdit takes care of all the file management, back-end programming, form processing, image manipulation, and any other data processing required by your website. No separate hosting is required, as all of these services are included at no extra charge as part of the MagicEdit service. Read more

How Do I Upload My Files?

For general FTP instructions on Mac, Windows, and Linux, download the instructions below (available in PDF and Microsoft Word document). These are general instructions and results may vary depending on the FTP client and version you use. Read more

I styled an element with an ID. Why isn't it working with MagicRepeat?

IDs must be unique on a page; you cannot have two elements on a page with the same ID. When you use MagicRepeat, you are essentially creating a new element that happens to have the same HTML as the original, and MagicRepeat will automatically assign this new element a unique ID. If you want to apply the same styles to all of the repeated elements, use class instead of ID.

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I updated my site but when I came back the changes were gone

Make sure you push submit to make it "stick".

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Can I use MagicEdit with other server-side technologies?

Generally not.

If you are using a server-side technology like PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Ruby, or ColdFusion, you probably don't need MagicEdit, which is designed to provide powerful database functionality without using anything but the HTML.

MagicEdit will only add its magic to .htm, .html, and .shtml files.

Paid accounts do support PHP, but MagicEdit functionality is not available on .php pages.

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What types of Files are supported by MagicEdit?

MagicEdit will do its thing with the following file types:

  • .html
  • .htm
  • .shtml
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How should I set my DNS information?

  1. If your domain name is registered with GoDaddy, see this page.
  2. Log in to your domain name registrar (Dreamhost, GoDaddy, etc.) and update your CNAME information. Make sure you remove any existing CNAME entries that will conflict with your changes (i.e., remove any existing "www" entries).
  3. Create a new CNAME entry for the www prefix on your domain (www.example.com) and point it to your MagicEdit account (example.cust.magicedit.com).
  4. Return to MagicEdit.com and sign in.
  5. Go to the Web Site Aliases section in your control panel. Enter your domain name (without the "www" prefix, as in example.com) and click Update.
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