Web Content Management A Chore No More

West Sacramento, CA- June 18, 2010

As a web designer, you should be able to create a custom site with a content management system (CMS) and not be tied to a limited set of templates or plug-ins, especially those that take long hours for you to implement and your customers to learn. Why should you sacrifice your vision for a client's site just so you can shoehorn in somebody else's idea of a working CMS?

This was the approach Traction Systems LLC took when developing MagicEdit, their simple-yet-robust CMS. According to the MagicEdit website, there are three rules of thumb a CMS solution should follow:

  1. Don't send the content managers off of their site to manage content
  2. The content managers should only manage the actual content, not change the look and feel (that's your job!)
  3. Make the system as simple as possible

MagicEdit lives on the client's site- no page redirects- and works by replacing default text with the client's own updates. The client never touches the code (which keeps them from changing the styles) and you don't have to manage their content. While MagicEdit is obviously not the only CMS solution that lives on the client's site, it is certainly the simplest. All it takes is some tags around the updatable content and you've already installed its most basic functionality.

Other features include image replacement, simultaneous updates across multiple pages, and the ability to repeat areas and create new ones (think news items, blog articles, even new pages). MagicEdit also includes "white label" instructions to help you rebrand the service as your own CMS solution and charge clients whatever fees you want for using it.

The cost for the service (which includes web hosting, as MagicEdit is hosted on a web server) starts at under $12.50 a month. Even if you do not present the CMS to clients, you can use it yourself to maximize profit by saving time. If a client is paying you on a monthly retainer, rather than messing around with FTP or logging into a server you can just sign into the client's site and make the changes yourself.

The time has come to let the web designers focus on design and let the clients focus on the content, without huge headaches on all sides. MagicEdit invites you to the CMS revolution.

For more information, including video tutorials and in-depth documentation, visit magicedit.com