Send a Text Message with Magic Forms

There may be cases where you'd like to receive form submissions from your site via text message rather than email. Perhaps you would like to receive the notification faster, or when you're away from your computer, or maybe you just don't like to check email. If this sounds like you, read on.

How it Works

Sending form submissions via text is the same as sending them via email; in fact, the form submission is an email to your SMS gateway. All you need to do is figure out your SMS email address and enter that as your me_email attribute. Here is a short list of the major U.S. wireless carriers and the format of their respective SMS gateways (you may want to check with your wireless service provider to confirm). Note that number refers to your ten digit phone number (including area code) without punctuation:

Carrier SMS Gateway Special Instructions
AT&T Wireless
T-Mobile Include "1" before the number
Verizon Wireless

If you don't see your service provider listed here, check this list on Wikipedia or contact your provider.

Send an Alert

If you want to receive submissions via email and still receive a text message (so you know you need to check your inbox), just insert your contact email address and your SMS gateway address separated by a comma, like so:,