Sacramento Tech Company Offers Low Cost Web Tools Geared for Small Businesses

Sacramento, CA - January 11, 2011

Sacramento's own Traction Systems LLC has created a monster for small businesses and its name is MagicEdit. "MagicEdit is the easiest way to add web-based editing to your site," says Traction co-founder and CEO Rob Watts. "Once a site is set up, the person in charge of content can make changes quickly and easily, without having to contact the designer or employ a webmaster."

Traction has recently taken the do-it-yourself model one step further and made it so any business owner can quickly deploy a site without ever needing to talk to a web designer. Customers can simply choose the 'site starters' they want and deploy it, editing the content as necessary without ever looking at any code.

"We developed free 'site starters' that allow users to pick from an array of free, quality templates and get started immediately," says Traction CTO and lead programmer Chris Osborn. "Everything they need is there; the design, all the pages, and the editing capabilities are built right in."

What's more, according to Osborn, is that the technology works with virtually any existing, modern, website. "We can deploy the MagicEdit solution into an existing site or any HTML-based template." The company also has an ever-growing number of web templates that were designed in-house. These templates include a series of free generic designs as well as some forthcoming industry-specific templates.

MagicEdit sprang from a slightly different idea Osborn developed several years ago, where clients would log into and copy and paste text that would be injected into their own sites via JavaScript. This, realized Osborn, is where the main problem was. "Your basic web customer does not want to log into another site to edit their own website. The mere fact that the editing page doesn't look their own site is immediately confusing." That's why Traction developed MagicEdit to be an inline editor. When the content manager is logged in, control buttons appear (such as edit, delete, and new) that users click to open straightforward dialog boxes. MagicEdit also gives users the ability to create new pages based on existing ones, add images, and create simple blog posts/news items.

"We firmly believe this is the future of quick web deployment and content management for small businesses," says Watts. "Whenever a new client gets a hold of MagicEdit, they wonder how they ever got by without it."