Powerful Content Management System Releases Built-In Form Processing

West Sacramento, CA - August 5, 2010

How does a web designer with no programming skills create working forms on a webpage, without having to fight with code they don't understand? MagicEdit has created the solution to this problem that has troubled web designers for years: magic forms. As part of the MagicEdit Content Management System (CMS), designers can now easily create custom forms and collect the data in an email or as file on the web server. While this may not seem all that impressive to the average website visitor (or to an advanced programmer) this is quite literally a revolution in the way websites are created.

"What usually happens is that the designer, generally not knowing any sort of programming language, will dig around on the internet and find a code snippet they think might work for their site," says Chris Osborn, lead programmer at MagicEdit. "Then they have to spend all sorts of time fighting with the code, customizing the code, before they can even start to build their form in the site's HTML. With MagicEdit, all they have to do is decide what kind of form they want and what they want the fields to say."

There are other sites that offer customizable forms. However, the forms are processed on their servers and are not really an integrated part of a client's website. With MagicEdit's new forms feature, all the work is already done for the designer and the technology lives right there on the web server. All a designer has to do to customize the form is decide what the fields should be.

"This is our 'killer app,'" says Osborn. "I really believe this will change the world of web content management."

For more information about web forms and MagicEdit, including tutorials and in-depth documentation, visit magicedit.com.