Managing Snapshots

Creating a backup of your site before major edits or changes is always a good idea. MagicEdit snapshots make it easy to keep your site backed up, and in the case of an errant edit or deletion, the snapshot control panel lets you restore the site from your available snapshots.

To access snapshots for your site, simply log in to edit as usual, then look in the upper right corner for the "Snapshots" link. Clicking on the link will bring up the snapshot control panel, which lets you create new site snapshots, and if you already have snapshots available you can restore your site or delete old snapshots.

Creating a Snapshot

It's a good idea to back up your site on a regular basis, or at least before making major changes. To create a snapshot, open up the Snapshots panel (see image above) and just click the "Submit" button where prompted. You don't need to enter a name for your snapshot unless you want to.

In the confirmation page, just click "Submit" again and MagicEdit will create your snapshot. If you have a large site with lots of images and pages this may take some time.

Restoring a Snapshot

If you're ready to restore your site from a snapshot, just open up the snapshot control panel and under "Restore a Snapshot" select the snapshot you wish to restore. Click the "Submit" button under your selection, and you will be prompted again if you really want to restore the snapshot. Note that if you have made edits or changed the core site files since the snapshot was created those changes will be lost, so use caution when restoring. You may want to make a new snapshot before restoring an old one, just in case.

Deleting a Snapshot

Snapshots do count toward your site quota, so you don't want to store too many of them on your site. To delete a snapshot, simply select the one you wish to delete from under the "Delete a Snapshot" section, then click "Delete." You will be prompted to continue deleting, but make sure you have selected the correct snapshot to delete since the deletion is permanent.

Need more Information?

If you need technical information about how to further manage your snapshots, click here.