MagicEdit Wants You!

Calling All Web Designers, MagicEdit Needs Your Help!

Demand for MagicEdit is steadily increasing! More and more people are taking MagicEdit for a test drive and discovering just how easy managing a website can be. The problem? Many of these customers are not web designers. We get several requests from customers in need of a MagicEdit site that can't seem to find the right person to build it for them. These requests mostly come from small business owners; real estate brokers and agents, ballet studio owners, vintage car dealers, photographers, and filmmakers all want MagicEdit sites, and every day more and more people see the value of managing their own websites!

So the solution to this problem is simple: we are looking for web designers who want more work. If you're a web designer and could use some extra work, please send us the following:

  • Your portfolio (link to a website and please, no Word doc attachments. You'd be surprised...).
  • An estimate of how much you would charge to implement a MagicEdit site from a template.
  • An estimate of how much you would charge to build a fully custom MagicEdit site (with custom graphics and scratch-built HTML and CSS).
  • An estimate of how much you would charge to implement a semi-custom MagicEdit site (not a template site, but not necessarily fully custom either-- somewhere in between the two).

Once we have your information, we'll review it and put you in touch with clients we feel would benefit most from your abilities. And if you're not yet totally familiar with MagicEdit, no problem! We're always happy to answer questions sent to us via the Contact page or on our forum. We look forward to hearing from you soon!