MagicEdit Rewards

You've heard us say that MagicEdit is the easiest way to keep your website up to date and if you've used MagicEdit, you know it's true! There is no other system out there quite like ours. Well, here's something you may not have heard: MagicEdit now has a rewards program. So, if you love MagicEdit as much as we do, why not spread the word AND get paid?

The program is simple. All you have to do is create a unique promotional code and convince somebody to sign up using that code. (Not too hard, right? After all, it is MagicEdit we're talking about.) You can earn a one-time payment of up to $100 in cash or 20% of the amount collected from each customer you sign up! And if you select the percentage option, you will also receive 10% of any accounts that your referrals bring in with their own codes. There is no minimum (or maximum) amount of referrals, just start signing people up and collect your rewards!

How It Works

The MagicEdit Rewards program offers you two ways to collect your earnings:

  • One-time Payment Option

    For every new customer that signs up with a new, one-year, MagicEdit account using your personal Rewards code, you will earn a one-time payment of $100. For referral customers signing up on a quarterly payment plan, you will earn a one-time payment of $30.

  • Percentage Payment Option

    Rather than collect a one-time payment on referrals, you may choose the percentage payment option. We will you pay you 20% of every payment made by a customer that signs up with your referral code. You will also receive 10% on any account that signs up under one of your referrals. Earnings under the percentage payment option will continue for the life of each referral account.


MagicEdit Rewards earnings are in US Dollars and can be applied to your MagicEdit account or received via PayPal.

Payment earnings are available to you 30 days after MagicEdit has received payment from the referral customer. If a customer cancels within 30 days and is refunded payment, your earnings will be considered forfeit.


If you wish, you may use any amount of your earnings as an incentive for prospective referral customers. Just specify the amount you would like to apply towards a customer discount and it will be deducted from your total earnings.

Get Started

What are you waiting for? Sign into your control panel and click Rewards to get started right now!