MagicEdit Repeats

Once you log in to your MagicEdit site, you may see NEW, DELETE, and up/down arrows next to some items, in addition to the standard EDIT buttons. These controls correspond to items known as MagicRepeats.

What Is A MagicRepeat?

Think of a MagicRepeat as sort of a template for content regions inside your site. They could correspond to an image in an image gallery, a news item, a navigation menu item, even a complete page. When you click the NEW button, the template for that region is duplicated and becomes editable. You may then edit the text or replace images to create your new content.

Ordering Repeated Items

Once you have created a new MagicRepeat, you may use the up and down arrows to adjust its position in relation to the other, related, repeat items. This makes it easy to add several items at once and position them later.

Deleting Repeated Items

Any region that can be repeated with NEW can also be deleted. Click the DELETE button to remove that section of your site and SUBMIT to confirm.