MagicEdit Launches "MagicEdit Rewards" Program

Sacramento, CA, April 27, 2011

MagicEdit has just announced a new rewards program that pays participants to bring in new customers. While not a new concept, this particular rewards program is unique in that it opens up an entirely new market than previously existed and offers higher payouts than many similar programs.

For the uninitiated, MagicEdit is a complete website management system that works with virtually any existing website and is easy to deploy in new projects as well. It features a dead-simple user interface that allows website managers to add or edit text, images, even pages, right on their own site. According to the MagicEdit website: "Many solutions require you to log into a confusing control panel or even an entirely different site... With MagicEdit, you manage all your content from within your site, right in the browser."

The MagicEdit Rewards program is just as simple as the user interface. Members sign up new users with a personal code and receive money, up to $100 cash for a one year signup or 20% of an account's fees for the life of the account plus 10% of all referrals from that new account. While the percentage program can provide a steady stream of income, the cash-out option is an easy way to make some quick money in a troubled economy. "There are so many ways to make money with this program," says MagicEdit founder and lead developer Chris Osborn. "If you sign up 5 people on the percentage plan, your MagicEdit account is paid for. If one more person signs up under you, you're actually getting paid to use MagicEdit!"

What makes this reward program different than others is that it is often seen only in larger companies, such as web hosting supergiant DreamHost. In a side-by-side price comparison, MagicEdit actually pays the same or better in most cases and, for the regular user, offers a more valuable service. "Nobody else can provide such a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use website management system as MagicEdit," says Osborn. "It really is the best way to manage your website."

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