MagicEdit For Web Designers

Being a web designer can be tough.

Constantly misunderstood and under-appreciated, the designer often finds him- or herself either fighting with clients for the sake of a website's well-being, or just plain giving in to every little whim of a client who thinks he or she knows exactly what the site needs. And, since the top CMS engines have moved in, designers now find themselves having to shoehorn their vision into these unwieldy beasts whilst competing with pseudo-designers who understand very little about elegance and creativity but do know where to find the good templates (and aren't afraid to install them). But what if there was a way to build your site using regular HTML and still give your clients control over the content? There is, and it's called MagicEdit.

MagicEdit is the best way to manage your website.

It is more powerful than any other lightweight solution and is easier for you, the designer, to implement. And when the client logs in, the controls are obvious all over the site. All one has to do is click a button to edit anything that has been marked as editable, and the change is immediate. There is no going back and forth between pages or browser windows, no logging in to a third-party website and, while there are instructions available, your clients probably won't need them.

What makes MagicEdit so powerful?

What makes MagicEdit so powerful for the designer is that it has elegant yet sophisticated programming built into it. Client needs a form? All you have to do is design it and all the processing happens on the back end. (If that didn't get your attention, let me spell it out: You don't have to use ANY PHP!) If you have a favorite JavaScript image gallery, use it! You can add MagicEdit to it and let the clients upload the images themselves. If the client needs to add a new page, they just duplicate a navigation item and it creates a template page for it on the fly, where they can change all the text, images, even the page title right from inside the browser. Best of all, you don't need to take any courses or seminars or read thick manuals to learn how to use it; all you need to know is HTML.


Any good web designer who is yearning for freedom absolutely has to use MagicEdit. It really is the best way to manage any website. If you're still not convinced, check out the demo and some fully-featured site starters at I promise you, it will change the way you design and build websites.