MagicEdit Buttons

NOTE: This article discusses the EDIT button that appears on various elements. For more information about the NEW, DELETE, and arrow up/arrow down buttons, please refer to the MagicEdit Repeats article.

After you log in to your MagicEdit site, you will see EDIT buttons on various page elements. Clicking the EDIT button will allow you to edit text or replace an image, depending on the context.

Edit Text

The text editor has many controls you would find in a word-processing program. You can change the alignment, use bold or italics, create a bulleted list, etc. Don't forget: after you are done editing, you must click SUBMIT to make your changes stick.

Some areas of your site may not have the full text editor, as those elements are specially formatted. In those cases, you can edit the text but not change its format. To change text back to its original form, click the EDIT button, erase all text in the text editor screen, and click SUBMIT."

Change an Image

Any images that have an EDIT button attached to them can be changed just as easily as text. Click the EDIT button next to the image, click "Choose File" to browse your computer for a new image, and click SUBMIT to make it stick.