Let MagicEdit Convert Your Site, Free!

Designers, do you need to add a CMS to your static website? Let us help you!

If you built a static website for a client who now wants to make their own updates, MagicEdit will help you make the transformation. We'll take your existing static HTML site and add the Magic so your client can log in and update text, images, and more!

How it Works

If your site meets our minimum criteria, we will consider your project for a MagicEdit makeover. If chosen, we will copy your static HTML-based site to our servers and add MagicEdit according to your client's needs. When we've finished, your client will have their same site with all the functionality of MagicEdit! They can update all the content they want, and you can get back to designing sites for other clients. While we will copy and convert as many sites as possible, we can't do this for everyone; the sooner you submit your site for approval, the better your chances. Again all sites must be HTML. No Flash!

Why Are We Doing This?

Trust us, we feel your pain. We know how hard it is to be a web designer. You've just spent hours, days, even weeks building a site to a client's exacting design standards, only for them to ask you to convert it to a CMS platform that you know isn't going to work with your design. But now you're in luck, because MagicEdit works with virtually any HTML-based website! There is no need to redesign everything around some CMS plugin that takes control of how your site is built, because MagicEdit works with your HTML, as is. Then you show your client how easy MagicEdit is to use, the client is amazed by your level of sheer genius, and we have another satisfied user. Everybody wins!

Act Now!

We won't be able to do this forever, so send us your requests as soon as possible! To submit your site, go to our Site Request Page and be sure to give us a link to your site, as well as any additional details you can think of. We will review all requests in the order we receive them and will let you know as soon as possible whether we will be able to take on your project. Please note: we will not alter any HTML or CSS, other than by adding the necessary MagicEdit-related tags. Any sites that contain unclosed tags, unnecessarily large images, or otherwise bad HTML will be automatically disqualified. Act now, we're standing by!