Introducing the MagicEdit Photo Contest

MagicEdit has made life easier for untold numbers of web designers and content managers. If you are a MagicEditor, you know why! So just imagine what a great place the world would be if we could stick edit buttons on everything. The inner English professor in all of us could fix misspelled signs or poorly worded newspaper ads, saving business owners everywhere all sorts of embarrassment. While that day may never arrive— at least not until the whole world is using MagicEdit— we have come up with a temporary solution: The MagicEdit Photo Contest!

The idea is simple: take a picture of someone's unfortunate sign, ad, etc., with an edit button in front of it. Post the picture on our Facebook page and we will pick a winner every week. At the end of every month we'll put all of the weekly winners from that month together in an album and the photo with the most likes at the end of the contest will win our monthly prize! You could win MagicEdit gear and tons of other cool prizes just for picking up on someone else's mistake, and return to your happy, if not slightly obsessive-compulsive, existence. Or, at the very least, have a laugh at someone else's poor grammar and/or spelling. For more information, including instructions, rules, and our prize dujour (okay, prix du mois for you francophiles), see here.