Finding Lost Edit Buttons

The Problem

It's happened to everyone on occasion: you added too much content to an editable region with a fixed size and the overflow spills out of the container, hiding the edit button behind some other page element. Or maybe you placed mismatched HTML tags in the text editor and everything below it is hosed. Now the content is all messed up and you can't fix it because you can't click edit. Don't worry, all hope is not lost!

The Fix

While there are a few ways to solve this problem, let's go with the easiest solution (one that doesn't involve CSS). While you are logged in to your site, go to the page with the hidden edit button and view source (for the uninformed: right-click a blank area of the page and click View Source). Inspect the HTML and find the link to the MagicEdit button in question. It will be inside an href and look something like "/me-bin/live/edit/MEControl/ABC123...==". Copy and append the href to your domain name so you have something like "" and there you have it: your text editor, on its own page. Delete the extraneous content and you're done!