Dreamweaver and Server Side Includes

If you've read our tip about include files, then you know what a great time saver they are. But did you know that Dreamweaver also supports server side includes (SSI)? You can build your entire site using include files and Dreamweaver will properly render the site (without the need to preview the site in a web browser).

To use Server Side Includes in Dreamweaver, simply save the file you wish to include. Whenever you want to include it on another page in your site, all you have to do is click Insert>Server Side Include. (Just make sure you don't have redundant HTML in different Include files, such as <head> tags.)

Server Side Includes will simplify your site-building productivity beyond belief. By creating files for things that will be the same on every page, all you have to think about is what will be different on each page. If something changes in the head of the site? Simply change the file that has the head tags and it will be included everywhere else on the site where that file is included.