Create A CMS Site... With Dreamweaver?

Many designers suffer from the effects of building CMS (Content Management System) sites: headaches, heart palpitations, and acute design interference. They spend more time fighting with constrictive plug-ins and frameworks than they spend designing their sites. But don't worry, there is another way.

If you are like many other web designers, you like to build websites using Dreamweaver (or another HTML editor). When a customer asks for a way to manage the content themselves, you suddenly have to change your approach to the site so that you can build it around a CMS. Those days are over! MagicEdit is so simple to implement that you don't have to change your approach to building sites at all; simply design and build a site as you normally would, using your HTML editor of choice. Then, whenever you're ready, just add <magicedit></magicedit> tags around whatever sections of the site need to be editable by the client. You can give your clients a fully-functioning CMS that includes forms and advanced image management without knowing any programming. It's easy, it's powerful, it's MagicEdit!