Why MagicEdit?

Okay, we've all been doing web for a while now. Pretty much since the beginning for some of us. But something happened in late 2008 that completely changed the game. Belts were tightened, and budgets pretty much got a zero lopped off the right side.

It's adapt or die.

We needed to change how things were done, and fast. We came up with a few simple requirements. It all revolves around enabling clients to own their content, and allowing us to reduce our costs to deploy and support the site.

  • Content editing should be intuitive.
    Not four hours of training. Not an hour of training. No training.

  • Quickly make any static site editable.
    We're talking minutes, and using Dreamweaver or a basic text editor, not some clunky back end.

  • It's gotta be powerful.
    We're used to custom-tailored database capabilities, and there's no going back.

Realizing the Vision

We had a potential client that wanted to simply edit the text on a couple of pages on their existing static site. They wanted to switch to Joomla but were balking at the cost.

It can't be too hard to just edit the text right there on the page, we thought. What would it take? Is there anything out there that lets us log in and edit right from the page?

So, the first iteration of MagicEdit was born. It only supported editing text, but it was good enough.

We kicked it over to the client and got a response almost instantly: “Can we have more edits, please?“

Off and Running

Since then we've added lots more awesome features. Things like image management, forms, links and MagicRepeat, a feature we're still realizing the potential of. All based on the same fundamental principles of ease of deployment, complete design flexibility, and absolutely the easiest content management. Period.

And we're not finished.

We invite you to give MagicEdit a whirl. Sign up a free MagicEdit account, take a static website, wrap some content in <magicedit> tags, and upload it to your account.

Join Us

Join our growing developer community and make sure you have a say in the direction MagicEdit takes in the future! Contact us, check out the forums, and like us on Facebook for feature requests and updates.

We can't wait to see where MagicEdit goes next!