Instant Website Editing.
MagicEdit lets web designers quickly add browser-based editing to just about any website.

Turnaround Time

The power of MagicEdit
If you are a web designer, you are busy. You have multiple projects with zero turnaround time, and it is so much easier to roll out a static site than it is to build one with content management. If implementing a CMS were as easy as building static sites, you could add a lot of value to your services without increasing your own cost. That is the power of MagicEdit.

Designed for designers

Designed for Designers
MagicEdit is a CMS platform designed for designers. You can take virtually any HTML site and make it editable with just a few simple tags. Content managers can edit text, swap out images, create new sections, and do so much more right from within their own site; there is no third-party site on a subdomain. Sites are edited in the browser, on the page. Best of all, there is no programming, no design restrictions, and no new languages to learn. All you need to do is add a few tags to your HTML and you have a dynamic, database-driven CMS site.

Save money

Add more Value
Make yourself more competitive in this fierce market by offering editable, database-driven sites that you can roll out just as quickly as static sites. You can actually offer more value by doing less work, since your site was not only easier to build, but it was built exactly the way you designed it.